Anupama 22nd August 2023 Written Episode Update

Adhik starts his emotional blackmail on Pakhi and sheds crocodile tears. He pleads Pakhi to save their marriage and says since childhood, men think they can do anything and when a girl tolerates their atrocity

He promises to punish him if he does a mistake again. Anupama says they can send him to jail. Vanraj says they can deskin in as per his wish.

Anuj says he can fulfill his wish. Romil thinks he does so much overacting. Adhik acts as breaking down pleading Pakhi for one more chance.

Anupama's hand is released by Pakhi, who also pardons Adhik. Anuj claims it's a drama since even the worst criminals begin emotional blackmailing victims when they are sentenced to prison. 

They can understand, according to Anupama, but Pakhi can't. Vanraj claims that Pakhi wants to give Adhik another chance because she has witnessed other romances collapse.

Vanraj begs the gods to keep her daughter safe because he now recognizes the suffering Anupama's family has endured as a result of his actions.

What if Adhik hurts Pakhi, asks Leela. Adhik is calm and restrained, thus Dimpy claims that it is not possible. Pakhi must have agitated Adhik before playing the victim card, according to Dimpy.

अनुज ने सवाल किया, अधिक का व्यवहार बदल गया है। अधिक का दावा है कि उसने अपनी गलती देख ली है क्योंकि जो कुछ भी हुआ उसके बाद पाखी उसके साथ खड़ी है। [एपिसोड का अंत]